Air Force One Flies Over Lower Manhattan, Scaring New Yorkers!

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Air Force One Flies Over Lower Manhattan, Scaring New Yorkers!
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Added: 09-09-2012
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Air Force One Flies Over Lower Manhattan, Scaring New Yorkers! 'NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams' , 'Today Show' and 'Inside Edition" interviewed me about this video you are seeing. Here is what happened: At about 10 am on Monday, April 27th, my husband and I looked out the window and noticed a huge airplane circling very close to our building near the Hudson River, shadowed closely by a military jet. We live in a high rise in downtown Manhattan, a few blocks away from Ground Zero, which we can see from our window. At one point, the plane flew very near our building and banked to the side causing us to think that it was being hijacked and that the military jet would shoot it down any minute. Then we noticed it wasn't a commercial was Air Force One!! I took out my camera out of my bag and began filming. In the video, I am very freaked out at the thought of (perhaps Obama's) plane being hijacked or being shot down. At the time, nobody knew what was going on. When you see a huge plane coming towards your building, especially after 9/11, you do assume the worst...and that is what I did. I decided to post the video on YouTube to show my friends and after a few minutes, it got over 400 hits. Then 1,000..then 10,000...and now nearly 300,000 in one day!! It was YouTube's 4th MOST WATCHED VIDEO IN THE WORLD on 4/28, 3rd Most Watched Video of the Week, and #1 Watched Video in France, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, and South Korea. Wow. Shortly after I posted it, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams contacted me to do an interview about the incident, followed by another interview with Inside Edition, and emails from BBC, New York Post, New York Daily, and more, asking if they could use the footage. Not sure why my video has become so watched. It may have to do with the fact that I sound very scared thinking that it might be a hijacking (or I sound silly...maybe a combo of both ha)! Apparently, the video is now being watched all over the internet and a lot of major news organizations were using it on their websites. Life is weird. One minute you can be sitting in front of your computer drinking your morning coffee, wondering about some swine flu outbreak in your city, and the next, Air Force One can whiz by your window! Samira Atash Designer/Producer Note: Please ask me for approval before you post this clip anywhere....

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